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Saturday, September 5, 2009

CVS trip

Since I won't be buying the paper tomorrow, I have decided to combine this week sales with next week sales. this is what I got over two cards. I paid with extra bucks and used two $4/$20 I received in emails for both my card and my DH card.

6* progresso soup 3/$6 get 2ECBs, used 2*$1.10 MC

1* razors $6.99 get 4 ECBs and used 1*$3 MC

1* poise $2.49 used Free CVS coupon

4*secret deodorant 2/$5 get 1 ECB used 4*$2 MC

1* TGlee milk $2.79 get 1ECB used $1 MC

I am done with CVS for this week.

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