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Friday, June 26, 2009

What you can buy for -$0.84!!

Yes, that's right. The store actually paid me for carrying out a cart full of stuff. Don't you just love Publix?
My total was $3.05+$1.61 tax. I paid that with a gift card and kept wondering why my total was too high. Well, guess what? The light bulb did not ring up right. Instead of $2.50 I was charged $5.19. Bingo, I run to the CS. They refunded the $5.19 and gave me my free light bulb. I love Publix policy.


Migdalia said...

I'm curious as to how the deals worked out... would you mind explaining? How did the Raid and Trail Mix crunch end up being free? Thanks!

zinachuck said...

Ok, this is a list of what i got:

- 6 trail mix : $4.19 BOGO
I used 6 $2 MC
paid $0.57 for 6 boxes

-4 Raid : $3.89
I used 4 $2 MC from the smart summertime savings book and 4 $2 store coupon from the publix advantage buy
Maid $0.44 for buying all 4 bottles

-6 Kraft BBQ sauce: $1.29 BOGO
Used 6 $1 MC from the Kraft site
Made $2.13 for buying all 6 bottles

-4 8Th soy milk: $2.5 each
Used 4 $2 MC
Paid $2 for 2 gallons of soy milk

-4 lemons: 4 for $1
-1 GE light bulb: was priced at $2.5
I used $2.5 store coupon from the weekly AD but the bulb did ring $5.19 instead of $2.5

My total was $3.05+$1.61 tax
again my total was too high because of the bulb.
So I paid $4.66 and went to the CS and got a refund for the bulb.
I paid $4.66
I got back $5.19+$0.32tax= $5.51
So I maid a profit of $0.84
I hope this helps.

zinachuck said...

I also got:
-4 reach floss: $1.49 each
I use 4 $1 MC from a previous insert and 4 $1 store coupons from the smart summertime savings book
I maid $2.04 for buying all 4 of them ( before taxes)

Anonymous said...

Thanks, it is very helpful.

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