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Sunday, August 23, 2009

Another Kmart trip

I had to make one more trip to Kmart for the double coupon promotion. I did 4 transactions as my DH was with me. He is such a huge help to me when it comes to shopping. We used a lot of coupons and Catalina's. We did two sets of similar transaction and this is what we got for $0.07 OoP. My first transaction was negative. The cashier opened the register and gave me back $0.86. The second and third transactions were great and we paid $0.20 each. The last transaction I paid $0.53.

So, -$0.86+$0.20+$0.20+$0.53=$0.07

We are well stocked of soft and energy drinks now. I really cant wait for the next double week.

Kmart, here we come.

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