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Sunday, August 9, 2009

Just another publix trip

I got the Sundown vitamins just for the overage.

Here is my list:

10* sundown vitamins $2.99-$3.99 used 5*$6/2 SC and 5*$3/2 MC ( Free + overage)

4* Clairol natural instinct $5.29 each used 4*$2 SC and 4*$4 MC ( Free + overage)

4* Cover girl eye liners $2.79 each used 4*$2 SC and 2*$2.50/2 MC ( Free + overage)

4* post cereals $4.09 used 4*$2 MC

I needed 8 items to balance my coupons and items. This is what I got:

1.07 lb Nectarine $2.13

6* Yo plait yogurt $0.50 each

3*note books 3/$1

0.74lb bananas $0.51

Mt olive peppers ( A must have for hot dogs) $1.99

My total was $1.10+$2.00 tax.

I think I can live with that.


Tru said...

I have tons of MC from various online sources, but where do you get the store coupons? My Red Plum only comes with flyers about weekly specials, no coupons. Do you have to ask for them at the store?

zinachuck said...

The SC are found in the advantage buy flyer found at publix. The green one has the sundown vitamins, clairol and cover girl coupons. They are usually by the entrance door. If not just ask the CS desk. Every publix have tons of those booklet as not many people use them.

Tru said...

Ok, thanks!

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