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Friday, November 27, 2009

Publix BP gift card deal!!

I did not get excited about the Black Friday deals as usual. In my opinion, you can get better prices through the year. However, I couldn't help stopping by Publix this afternoon to take advantage of the $10/ $50 BP gift card.

I managed to save even more than 20% of the gift cards. I got a lot of overage that covered all my groceries and paid $5 toward my gift cards. Here is what I got for $74.59.

4*Fiber One yogurt, $2.50 BOGO used 4*$1.25/1 MQ( Free)

4* Taco bell dinner, $2.69 BOGO, No coupon

6* Alexia snacks, $2.89 BOGO used 6*$1 MQ ( cheap)

6* Fisher fusion snacks, $1.79 BOGO used 6*$1/1 MQ ( Free + overage)

4* Purina Beggin strips, 2/5 used 4*$2 SQ and 2*$1/2 MQ (Free)

2*Knox, $1.39 used 2*$4/1 MQ (Free+ $5 overage)

5*Phazyme $3.49 used $10/3 and $7/2 MQs and 5*$2/1 SQ (Free + $10 overage)

2*$50 BP gift cards, used 2*$10/1 WYB $25 in grocery SQ

Total came to $74.59.

So I got the $100 worth of gas plus all the groceries for $74.59.


printable coupon said...

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The Prudent Patron said...

I am still trying to decide aobut that BP card. IT is the most expensive gas in my area, but 20% is a good savings.

zinachuck said...

It's no more than 10 cents per gal more. Even so, it's still a good deal. The $10 will cover the difference.

Anonymous said...

what are the store coupons for the beggin strips?

zinachuck said...

It's the pet coupon booklet found at publix a while ago. It's the saving for all seasons.

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