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Saturday, January 2, 2010

First Shopping Trip of the year! (Publix)

There some great deals out there. I paid $2.75 for the items pictured ( $0.36+$2.39 TAX UGH).

Here is how I did it:

6*Fiber one Yogurt $2.50 BOGO used 3*BOGO MQ In the back of cereal boxes (Free)
6* Sundown Vitamins $2.99-$3.99 used 3*$6/2 SQ and 3*$3/2 MQ (Free++)
1*Publix Hot dog buns $1.19
1* Slim fast bars $2.50, used 1*$1.25 MQ and 1*$1 SQ
1*Strawberries $1.97
2* Vlasic Pickle $2.89 BOGO used 2*$0.55/1 MQ
1* Publix Orange juice $2.50
6* Clorox wipes used 2*B2G1 MQ and 3*$2/2 SQ
2*Benevia Juices $8.49 used 2*$5 MQ and 2*$4 SQ (Free++, A lot of taxes though)
1*7Th generation dish washing detergent $2.99 used FREE MQ ( From recyclebank)
2*Ferrero Rocher $0.89 ( I had to get something fast as my total was going to be negative)

I also used $5/$50 SQ from RecycleBank!


MaryJ the Discount Diva said...


Who Said Nothing In Life Is Free???? said...

Awesome job! How much were the clorox wipes?

zinachuck said...

They are priced at $2.99 ( too much), however I paid only $1 each after the coupons. (I mean overage paid only $1 each).

I don't think I could get them any cheaper!

Who Said Nothing In Life Is Free???? said...

ok thanks! I wasn't sure if I missed a free deal or not hehehe

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