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Sunday, January 3, 2010

First Trip to CVS! Awesome Deals!

I got so exited over the Oust and Cottonelle deals. I think it's one one of the best TP, but it's usually hard to find coupons for. So, we settle for the Marcal Small Steps!! hehe..

Everything pictured was done on my card, except for two Oust. DH did not have any ECBs to start with, so the Oust was a great find. We got two of them, used B1G1 and $2/2 coupons. He had .5 ECBs, paid cash $1.96 and got back 6 ECBs.

I had 11 ECBs to start with. I got 6 Oust, used 3*B1G1 and 3*$2/2 MQ ( I made a lot of ECBs over this deal).

Then I went back later tonight and got the TP ( Used $1 MQ), Johnsons ( used 2*$2/2 MQ, I got 2 but limit is only one UGH), 2*Soy Joy, 4* Nivea lip stick ( used 2B1G1 MQ) and CVS cotton swabs B1G1 50% off ( we needed them).

Over all I had $5 cash, 11.5 ECBs ( I had 11 and DH had .5), a lot of coupons and a $5/$30 store coupon when I first started. Now, I still have $1.23 cash, 24 ECBs ( I have 18 and DH 6) and a lot of TP and oust spray!

How did you do?

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