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Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Did you get your coupon?

Did you get this coupon yet? I received mine today with a unique bar code. I will pick up my FREE BOX on Friday. It is not too late you can still sign up. Go here Facebook Fans to get your free box. Hurry!!


An All American Family said...

Just so everyone knows if you do live in a location where a store is located, they will charge you $12 to ship your free box to you....not really free then is it? I recieved my coupon via an e-mail, went online to redeem it and saw they were going to charge me $12. I searched for a store to go pick it up and there isn't one near me, probably around 45 minutes away.

zinachuck said...

Yeah, I saw that too. Lucky me there is a store just 5 miles from where I live. I was shocked when I saw how much they charge for shipping??
There might be some people interested in a trade. I am. If you cant use the coupon and are in need of something?/ Let me know.

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