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Sunday, October 4, 2009

More Free stuff

Publix is the best place to shop. I went over again to get more healthy choice entrees. this is what I got for 20 CENTS... Even I was shocked.

Here is the breakdown:

10*Healthy choice entrees $1.99 each, 50% off and used 10*$2 MC ( Free + $8 overage)

4*Ore Ida fries $1.09 each used 2*$1.50/2

6*Hamburger helper $1.95 BOGO used 2*$0.75/2

4*Progresso soup, 4/$5

6* packs of ground chuck $1.35-$1.89 used 4*$1/ground chuck store coupons WUB Hamburger helper and 6*$1/ ground chuck MC WUB Hamburger helper ( Free +overage)

4*Pittsburry biscuit used $0.40/3 and 4*$1 publix coupons WUB progresso

3*Bumble bee tuna $0.99 each used 3*$1 MC

2*McCromick chicken gravy $1.39 used 2*$1 MC

Total came to $0.20.


Nonna Beach said...

Wow ! Where are you getting all those Healthy Choice coupons from ?

zinachuck said...

I usually get 14/16 coupons. ( I have 7 computers and 1 laptop)
but this is not all. the other day healthy had a problem and there was not print limit. you just have to be there the right time. Same for the bumble bee tuna coupons. i was able to print 10 per computer.;-)

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