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Friday, October 2, 2009

What did you buy for $0.43

10* Bumble Bee tuna $0.99 used 10*$1 Coupons
14* healthy choice entrees $1.99-$3.49, %50 off used 14*$2 coupons
2*Hormel entrees 2/$4 used B1G1 and $2 coupon
4* Idaho mashed potato. $0.50 each
1* french bread $1.29
Bananas $0.53
Ground chuck $2.32
I paid $0.43.


Nonna Beach said...

Awesome !
Did you do your shop at Publix ???

Lissaloo said...

I had 2 show my girls, they are always asking what they can buy for a dollar, they were in awe :)

zinachuck said...

Yes I shop at publix most of the time. They are the best when it comes to coupons and overage.
It is the best practice. Get the girls to use coupons now when they buy their toys or candy bars, By the time they are ready to leave home they will be great coupon shoppers.

Anonymous said...

Where do you get 10 or 14 coupons for one type of item? Do you buy them?

zinachuck said...

I never buy coupons. I trade.
Those healthy choice ones I got them from my computer. They had a problem the other day and there was no limit to the prints so I just kept printing them over and over and over until it said no more. Usually it's 2 per PC and I have more than 7 working PCs in my house + a laptop.

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