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Saturday, October 3, 2009

Just MORE healthy choice

I just can" quit. Who would let go overage? I wouldn't....

For all this I paid $0.11. The cashier was shocked. I wasn't. I guess I am just used to free stuff and I can't see myself paying retail price for anything anymore. Can you?

Here is what I got:

8* Healthy choice frozen entrees $1.99-$3.19 and 50% off, used 8*$2 coupons ( Free + a lot of overage)
2* Pillsbury biscuits $1 each, used 2*$1 coupons

1* Breakfast bread (DH wanted this for a long time now) $3.69 NO COUPON

1* ground chuck $2.55 used 2*$1 off ground chuck when you buy Hamburger helper ( I found those on the boxes)

2*Hamburger helper $1.95 B1G1

Total came to $0.11

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