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Friday, July 17, 2009

7/18 menu

7/7/18 menu:Breakfast: I will make an omelet with the egg beaters i got today. We will have hash brown and pancakes ( Both from the freezer), milk to drink.Snack: Wheat crackers and Sabra hummus ( purchased from publix a while ago)Dinner: We will have morning star veggie burgers ( purchased from publix a while ago), house salad and grilled veggies ( I am cleaning the fridge, the veggies will be what ever we have. I se a couple tomatoes, onions and green peppers)Dessert: We will have a couple slices of the Sara Lee pie ( purchase from publix a while ago) with Starbucks Ice cream ( Free from publix = overage two weeks ago)
Today I received another Starbucks ice cream coupon in the mail. It has something to do with Face book but I cant remember what. I will Wait for a B1G1 sale to use the coupon since I still have a lot of it.

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