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Saturday, July 18, 2009

Today's shopping

I made a couple trips to the stores today. Here is what I got:

From walmart:
10 packs of nestle purified water $1 each used 10*$1 MC
4 Chiquita bites $0.98 each used 4*Free MC
4 pineapple bites $0.98 each used 4* Try me free when you buy single bites
I paid ZERO

From Publix:
2 Kashi pizzas $5.99 each ( I had a rain check for 50% off) used 2*$3 MC
2 Kashi dinners $3.79 each ( I had a rain check for 50% off ) used 2*$2 MC
1 Tyson grilled chicken Fajitas $7.99 ( I will submit it for rebate up to $9.99) used $1 MC
I paid $5.72 and I will get $7.99 back

I also found some blinkies for dog treats B1G1 and it was B1G1 so I got 14 bags for just tax and I will go back tomorrow for more.

I wanted to take my DH for a treat. So we spent $7.94 at McDonald's.

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