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Wednesday, July 15, 2009

All you challenge, 7/15

July 15th menu:
Ok, today is Arby’s day.I will buy two drinks $1.49 each and I will get two sandwiches. This does not sound enough right?I have my two receipts from last week, and I called the 800 number and did the survey. So I will use my two receipt to get 2 free beef and cheddar..Now we have:Two drinks Two roast beef Two beef and cheddar For just $2.98I will get a value fries as well for a $1. I tell my DH that we will split it… but i eat most of it.. heheWe will have the sara lee apple pie for dessert ( I got these a while ago from publix for $0.69 per pie after sale and coupon)
Breakfast:cereals for DH and I, DH will also take and egg and cheese sandwich to work with him ( frozen, and I still have some 20 of them in the freezer)
Lunch:Chicken wrap for DH ( Yes, the left over from that previous chicken salad made it to the chicken wrap. I used about 1/20 of my head of lettuce and voila lunch is ready) water to drink I will have digiorno flat bread pizza( was free after the mailed coupon, We got 4 coupons and used them all in one trip to publix)
I might have to make a trip to publix again tomorrow:I was thinking about getting some thing that will give me overage and apply it toward some fruits and fresh veggies.

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