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Thursday, July 23, 2009

My Best publix trip!!!

Oh MY GOD, today I made my best trip to publix this month.

The photo will express it self. But, here is what i got:

4 birds eye voila B1G1 for $3.89 No coupons but I love them

4 national Hebrew hot dogs B1G1 for $4.99 used 4*$1 MC

5 Fri skies cat food, 2/$6 used 5*$3 Store C and 5*$3.50 MC ( this paid for all the thinks I wanted)

2 Alexia potato chips B1G1 $2.89 used TRY ME FREE MC

4 kiwi 4/$1

2 mango's B1G1 $1.29

1.26lb bananas $0.49/lb

2 dozen eggs $1.19 each

2 starkist sensation B1G1 for $5.99 and used 2*$3 MC

My total was $2.44 after coupons and sales. The cat food gave me a $19 overage that I used to pay for the other things.

Don't you just love publix?


Rei said...

Wow...I am in awe of your shopping trip!!!!!

zinachuck said...

Thank you

Never2Late2Save said...

Great Trip!

Cheap&Sweet said...

I hope I can find some cat food coupons! (no cat) lol

Amy said...

They would never have let me use all of those cat food coupons at my publix. Last night, I bought 6 bags of Friskies, and I used 4 of the $3.50 coupons and I used 2 $1.00/1 coupons and the cashiers were giving me a hard time because the coupons were for $3.50 but the item was only $3.00 and the one cashier said to the other "well we can't do that because we obviously aren't going to pay her for the item" GRR! So, they called the supervisor over and I asked him if he could adjust it to the $3.00 instead of just not letting me use them...and he was going to and then I said super sweetly, you could just let it average out, so he let me do it. The girl had lied and told me they wouldn't scan even though I watch closely and KNOW that she didn't try, then after he told her he could do was a miracle, they scanned! Pfft! I just don't get the cashiers, they act like the $ is coming out of their paychecks and it's not, and actually the store would have made $ on the deal if they had adjusted it down to the $3.00! I am sorry for the rant, but I am in awe that they let you use that many coups and get that much overage instead of making you buy more bags or something! That's great shopping! I'm impressed! I usually don't have problems at publix, but the last couple of weeks, I have been getting some nasty cashiers who seem upset that I even dare use a coupon, oh the girl also said to me "You're going to end up saving a lot of money!" (again as if it were a crime) so I just looked at her and said "Yeah, that's the plan" GRR! Sorry for the book, I know there is no where else I can really go where anyone cares to listen to me complain about the trials of couponing lol. Thanks for you site! Love it!

zinachuck said...

I am sorry for what occurred to you. I most of the time take my husband with me. If a cashier is not aware of the coupons policy, don’t even waist your time with him/her explaining. Just say:" Call a manger please." And let them know that you called corporate first and asked about overage. I did and corporate is well aware that overage is more than welcome at Publix. I got 100 bags so far in 3 days from Publix and a lot of overage. If the manager is as ignorant as the cashier, I simply say, please give me your name and a rain check for all these items I am getting. I will call corporate and will come back tomorrow. I had to do this only once (the first time ever in my local Publix). Now, they all know that I know how coupons work. Yesterday, my cashier tried to adjust the coupon to $3. When I asked her why she was doing it, she said the same old story: It exceeds the item' price and we can’t loose money on that. Excuse me?? I hope you don’t think that you are giving me something out of your pocket? Did you know that you are making more money on me that you do on a cash customer? The manufacturer will pay you the value face of the coupon plus 8 cents for every coupon I redeem. Besides, the manufacturers claim this money as expenses. They get tax deductions and they never lose any thing on it. And then I said, call a manager. Luckily the manager was aware of the overage policy and she finally did it. She even thanked for educating her about coupons.
You might feel embarrassed the first time to have to deal with this. Please, feel no embarrassment, you are doing nothing wrong.
Some of those cashiers are just haters and jealous of how much you can save. They can’t do it because they don’t know how.

Penny said...

Where did you find the $3 store Q for the Friskies?

zinachuck said...

They were at the Savings for all seasons booklet found at Publix a while ago. The booklet had only store coupons for over $100 in savings. I only had 6 of them so I only used MC for my other transacions.

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